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Serial Port Source

The source of article and links to material and tool in the computer serial port(RS-232) interfaceing hardware programming relating in serial port content and networks, and control applications.

Plus!,How to Programming ,Troubleshooting,Connecting ,Project and Product also.

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The Basics

Here is information sources overall of the basics of RS232, RS485, and similar communications. The best sources are the product vendors and chip manufacturers and devices to attend listed thus below.

  • PC Webopaedia Site. Here is definitions and links to RS-232 and other serial-port information for developer.
  • A Linux in serial port programming guide. Peter Baumann's article.
  • HOWTO documents for Linux, Plus some Serial Port HOWTO.
  • The Art and Science of RS485. By Bob Perrin. From Circuit Cellar Site
  • RS232 Data Interface is a tutorial and articles from ARC Electronics site.
  • Article of lvr.com about RS485 Circuits Design.
  • Serial Communication via RS-232 Serial Port. Harsha Perla 's an article and information
  • Prefer and used Serial port Data Standards.
  • Introduction to RS-422 & RS485. From Hardware Server.
  • Connecting Two Computer

    Applications and Programs

  • A Stamp UART. The best article shows how to use Maxim's MAX3110E UART to add a buffered asynchronous serial port to a Basic Stamp project.

  • Products : Converters, Cables,Cards and Code

    The sources below for PCB(printed-circuit boards) that convert between RS-232(TTL) and RS485 or like interfaces, serial port expansion cards for computer's, software drivers,cables and all serial port products.

    Plus of these companies are the best sources for applications information.

    Companies that specialize in serial communications & access

    Please see the Communications Software thus section below.

    Other companies with serial-communications products (mostly hardware)
    • The Mule KeyWedge Interface from Altek Instruments converts RS-232 input to keyboard input.
    • Antona Corporation has show RS-232/RS-422 converters, including one with a video vertical sync interrupt.
    • DataBoy is an RS-232 traffic monitor that plugs into a standard Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance console. From Micro Contraptions, Inc.
    • HVW Technologies has show an RS232/RS485 converter that requires
      no software control of the transmit-enable line and RS-232/TTL converters that can plug into the edge of a solderless breadboard.
    • SAN People has show Ethernet-to-RS-232 and -RS485 converters.
    • Netburner has show a development kit for serial-to-Ethernet applications.
    • Traversix has show a Connectivity System for remote access to your serial-port devices.
    • Serial Basic is a programming language designed for RS232 communications & access. From Data Outfitters.
    • GotDotNet User Sample: C#-based Serial Port Control component and CSTerm terminal application.

    • Easy-I/O. The ActiveX control for very basic serial I/O for OS Windows 95/NT.
    • Eltima Software is a virtual serial port driver, serial port monitor, and serial port splitter.
    • Greenleaf CommX has been ActiveX comm ports, the ViewComm Async protocol analzyer.
    • PowerBasic.the DOS Basic compiler that enables accessing four COM ports .
    • RemoteComm and LocalComm An ActiveX components allow remote access to a serial port on one computer (used Winsock over a network connection) from another computer (or Pocket PC/Windows CE device).
    • Sax Comm Objects is an ActiveX control and COM object for serial communications & access.
    • SerialTools supports accessing physical and virtual serial ports in Dot Net Desktop Framework and Compact Framework applications and ActiveX.
    • Serial Player enables recording and playback of data from serial ports.
    • Visual Basic in RS232SerialPort is a class for use with Visual Studio 2003 and the Compact Framework for Pocket PCs and embedded Windows CE. From Richard Grier's Hard & Software.

    Virtual Serial Port Drivers

    Please See below communications & access Software for additional sources.

    • The Virtual Serial Port Driver enables applications to use COM-port functions to communicate with your custom hardware. From Device Drivers International.

    Terminal Emulators

    This is basic modem or direct RS232 communications & access. Use one of these in place of Windows' Hyperterminal (in Accessories).

    • RealTerm is a terminal emulator with a focus on debugging capabilities. Freeware.
    • Com Port, By TGL Microsystems.This is Shareware.


    • DDCMP (Digital Data Communications Message Protocol) ensures reliable communications & access over full and half-duplex links, used synchronous or asynchronous transmissions, in links of two or more devices. From Digital Equipment Corp.
    • S.N.A.P. protocol is defines a simple, general-purpose message format that is useful for monitoring and control networks of all types. Freeware .


    Here is Information on various protocols for serial communications & access without wires thus below.

    Infrared (IR)

    • IrCOMM2k is a free, open-source Virtual Infrared COM Port for Windows 2000/XP

    Radio (RF)

    • The Bluetooth organization has been a site present with information on this new technology spec for small form-factor, low-cost, short-range radio links between mobile computer, mobile
      phones and other portable devices. Digianswer also has been Bluetooth information. Data Sheets and Application Notes

      Here Data sheets are the essential source of information on how to use RS-232 and RS485 interface chips.The Chip manufacturers are also an best source for applications notes with example circuits and tips on used the components.

      • National Semiconductor. All interface chips and excellent application notes on a variety of topics. Use the search term "RS485". Also a source for the data sheet for the PC's 16550 UART.
      • Intersil website has been RS-232 chips and the data sheet for the 6402 UART,simple UART that's useful for basic monitoring and control applications.
      • Maxim Integrated Products has show RS-232 and RS485 chips of every variety. Also the 16-pin MAX3100 UART with SPI interface.
      Interface Standards

      The TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) develops and publishes the RS-232, RS485, and similar standards. The standards documents are available from Global Engineering Documents. These are some of the document numbers:

      RS-232 is document TIA/EIA-232, revision F.
      RS-422 is document TIA/EIA-422, revision B.
      RS-423 is document TIA/EIA-423, revision F.
      RS485 is document TIA/EIA-485.

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