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L'interfaccia seriale RS-232: un tutorial
Questo tutorial descrive le caratteristiche della porta seriale RS232.

Isolated RS232C for PIC18F84
The ground voltage difference between two circuits may destroy the RS232 ... The output signal of the opto-isolator connects an RS232 level converter, ...

RS232 Data Logger - Free rs232 communication software. RS232 COM ...
Free RS232 Data Logger - Absolutely Free application which allows you to redirect communication data from serial port device into a text file.

RS-232 Technical Bulletin
RS-232 Serial Communications is not that hard.

RS232 Monitoring Software and RS232 Terminal Software Tools
RS232 Hex Com Tool, an easy to use serial software terminal. RS232M Com Monitor for serial monitoring, troubleshooting. Works with USB hubs!

reception of electromagnetic radiation from rs232 cables

RS-232 Extends Its Grasp Via Wireless | RTC Magazine
RTC magazine spotlights trends and breakthroughs in the design, development and technology of embedded computers. The publication offers broad based ...

The RS-232 Standard
telephone lines, RS-232 is now. widely used for direct connections ... definition of RS-232, the computer. is data transmission equipment ...

TTL to/from RS232
Use a TTL HI output for the RS232 GND: Steve Walz of armory.com says "Use a TTL HI output for ... Then magically, you have direct TTL to RS232 conversion! ...

Introduction to RS232 Serial Communications, What is rs 232, What ...
Introduction to RS232 Serial Communications, What is RS 232.

RS232, RS422, RS485, Industrial Ethernet, USB, Serial Converters ...
Serial, Ethernet and Wireless Interface Products and Information from B&B Electronics.

MAX220, MAX222, MAX223, MAX225, MAX230, MAX231, MAX232, MAX232A ...
App Note 1834: Lower the Supply Current in Your RS-232 System - MAX232. App Note 2020: Choosing the Right RS-232 Transceiver - MAX232 ...

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