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Modem Port

Modem-HOWTO: Modem Configuration (excluding serial port)
While the serial port on which a modem resides requires configuring, ... If you have at least one process running on the modem port and kill them, ...

Digi Building Automation & Security - Increase Modem Port Density
Achieve high density modem banking with a limited number of servers using Digi AccelePort C/X asynchronous serial cards and C/CON concentrators.

Auglink CGI: Your Modem Port Stats
Auglink Modem-Port Statistics CGI. This facility will locate the server and port to which you are connected, and provide your current session statistics ...

56K 12-Port Modem Module for the Cisco AS5200
In the following example, one 12-port 56K modem card is installed in slot 2: ... Depending on which modem port module and version of software you are ...

Synchronous-Asynchronous Modem Port Sharing Unit, MSU-6
RS-232, Sync-Async Modem Port Sharing Unit, MSU-6, MSU,Modem sharing device, RS-232 port sharing unit.

Computing.Net - Zoom 56k/V.90 Fax Modem/Port Detection
Windows detects UART/COM/Serial Port 2, and detects my modem on it without any forced detection, -- thus, my modem is plug n play. BeOS feels otherwis...

UGeek Rants and Raves - Reader Rant about Modem COM port settings
UGeek Rants and Raves - Reader Rant about Modem COM port settings, the online resource for geeks.

Modem-HOWTO : Modem Configuration (excluding serial port)
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