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PC interface hardware for automation control with programming in VB,C++,C#,microcontroller by serial port(RS-232),parallel port(LPT),USB

Electronic Project
 8 Output Relay Board New!

 4x4 I/O Board New!

 I/O 11 Vdc with Com Port

 Pneumatic Control

 LED Display Control

 Stepper Moter Control(using IC)

 Step Motor Control(using TR)

 Driver Step Motor #1

 Driver Step Motor #2

 Microcontroller Part1

  Microcontroller Part2

  Microcontroller Part3

  Microcontroller Part4
Electronic Component
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Hello thaiio all visitor

Welcome to the site for computer hardware interface resource center which you can study in automation software control by serial port ,RS-232 ,rs485, rs422 ,parallel port ,LPT,USB,electronic device,tcp/ip and learn in VB,C++,C#, .NET programming and microcontroller ,include more document,diagram,video relevent with PC interfacing .
Interface mobile programming with the study code write together .NET ,Nowaday
USB3 VS FireWire S3200
New FireWire S3200 that it can produce up to 3.2 gigabytes per second throughput compared to USB 3 performance loss can I expect to see with this.

  Primer on Solve Serial port RS232 problem New!
How to fix the serial port problem? If the device will support it, make a Telnet or proxy connection to the near-end device. Perform a loopback test: Type any character. You should see the character echoed on the screen. Now remove the paper clip from the port and type a character. Without the loopback, you should not see the character echoed.

Google Map communicate GPS in Visual basic programming
I uses GPS model Garmin eTrex Legend handheld which small that I 'm get the Latitude and Longtitude value to mapping with Google Map that simple to develop software, please try it.

serial port communication in C# .NET New!
Using SerialPort .NET Object is easy and simple to programming in C#.NET
and Exemple program to send / receive message that can test with your PC by Loop back the PC comm port


Parallel Port Driver(Dll ) for WinXP 64 bit platform
Wow! parallel port driver for winxp 64 bit platform , this version
can apply in winxp 32 bit too.


Fourier transform programming with Visaul basic
source code and exemple program which had develop in visual basic for Fourier
transform that will be refer building and convert to waveform


Technique and tips in VB programming by Mengmow
I think,this is the best in visual basic tutorials,please read more..


Review Microsoft Windows 7 Beta first path
Review Microsoft Windows 7 Beta second path
How to connecting cable for ipod with AUX in Toyota New Vios
DIY-Car PC setup and modify in your car,(auto,motor)
DIY: Cable connecting the Audio from USB convertor
Visual Basic developper must be like this article
VB programming in control with your speech with MS speech engine and new 2 article in GPS ,read herethaiio web2.0

VC++ remote debugging connection with internet protocol
From my problem in seek the data something for remote debugging in internet but do not meet .After i know the way , so ,i write come to give friends get to know for take keep use with step by step.

RFID Interfacing and Rading in Visual C++ Programming
Step by Step to lerning in RFID controller Interfacing with Visual C++ 6 programming

CAN & CANopen
CAN is the network in use for embedded control, maritime electronics, lift control ,controller of car etc.

4 Input / 4 Output PC Interface Board Project
For output section is controlled by an eight line "Darlington Driver" integrated circuit (IC) or called a ULN2803 that using in thaiio's project.

8 Output Relay Board Project
For this board is designed specifically to control many motor for Robot Arm or motion system.

How to interfacing LCD with printer port in C# .NET
Understand C#.NET programming to display LCD with printer port (parallel port).

WebCam Interfacing in VB.NET programming
Understand VB.NET programming to capture video from a video device such as a WebCam that it is on your hand.
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Restart Windows Shortcut
Shut Down Windows Shortcut
Software & Source Code
Dllport.dll I/O Parallel Port for Windows 95,98,NT,Me,
Windown XP,2000

Chat with TCP/IP Code
Send File with TCP/IP code
PC Remote Control by TCP/IP
The Shutdown
Resistor Reader
Pnumetic Control Code
VB Voice Chat Code


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