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Automation Articles Page
Industry leading performance in Layer 4-7 traffic emulation, network stressing and security verification
by Anonymous

February 23, 2004--Navtel Communications Inc. a leading developer and global provider of test equipment for the laboratories of network equipment manufacturers & operators is delighted to announce the launch of their second generation IP InterEmulator, their leading IP network infrastructure test solution.

The IP InterEmulator is a suite of network infrastructure, application stressing and security validation solutions built around custom high performance hardware. The IP InterEmulator emulates actual user traffic to stress network infrastructures under tremendous load conditions. This allows operators and developers to immediately pinpoint weaknesses in and threats to their network infrastructure before any disaster occurs. It is perfectly suited to assist developers in ensuring that their service delivery platforms can continue to provide services under load and/or under attack conditions. According to a recent article published on Network World Fusion's site [www.nwfusion.com - "there have been more attacks in the last six months than there have been in the last 10 years. Carnegie Mellon University's CERT Coordination Center [www.cert.org for reporting Internet security problems backs up such claims. Through the end of September, there were 114,855 security breaches reported by users and ISPs, which is 32,761 more than all of 2002. These reports include all types of security policy violations from distributed DoS to hacker attacks".

When used as a complete test platform, the IP InterEmulator demonstrates how web sites, intranets, and IP-based networks and their components perform. This is achieved by providing detailed information about throughput, latency, load balancing, caching, and more. The resulting information should dramatically improve management's ability to plan network capacity and issues surrounding device deployment.

By creating real-world user traffic conditions via application transactions and conversations, the IP InterEmulator produces traffic loads indicative of actual Internet users. Each port on the IP InterEmulator system can be configured as a client or group of clients, a server or group of servers, a Denial of Service (DOS) or even a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) agent. This is an industry first - it allows users to test specific areas and components of the infrastructure without the time and expense of utilizing real web or application servers and PCs . Unlike other solutions that charge extra for specific functionality, Navtel's IP InterEmulator contains the most robust protocol and security testing applications in one suite.

Navtel's solution features client and server emulation of applications such as HTTP(S), FTP, DNS, POP3, SMTP, SPAM, etc. It also has the most complete set of DoS and DDoS attacks available as well as high port density [up to 24 Gigabit ports (copper and optical) per chassis and can therefore be truly considered as the of choice. At a time of great concern about VoIP vulnerability, the IP InterEmulator is a perfect complement to the InterWatch VoIP performance test applications.

"With its completely revised and upgraded architecture featuring faster processors, integrated client/server emulation and unrivalled ability to generate DOS and DDOS attacks, Navtel is at the forefront of the market. Within 5 minutes of turning on the IP InterEmulator the user can emulate millions of PCs and thousands of servers while simultaneously establishing millions of TCP sessions and generating more than 100,000 HTTP requests per second and millions of attacks all at the single click of a button. In addition, Navtel has continued to enhance the reporting capabilities of our iReports to accommodate more applications and formats. This is one of the most powerful and easy to use test tools on the market." said Brad Bolger Product Manager at Navtel.

Navtel's IP InterEmulator is available immediately in 2 form factors - a single slot 2/4 Gigabit port chassis as well as a six slot 2/24 Gigabit port chassis.

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